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At Inovospine, we specialize in the treatment of both acute and chronic pain conditions.

Dr. Pawan Grover, M.D

Dr. Pawan Grover is an interventional spine specialist with 20+ years of experience.

Professional Back Pain And Interventional Specialist, Houston, TX

Inovospine was founded by Dr. Pawan Grover. He is an interventional specialist with 20+ years of experience. At Inovospine, we specialize in the treatment of both acute and chronic pain conditions. We are also committed to providing minimally invasive procedures with minimal recovery and outpatient solutions to treat the root cause of your pain. We understand that chronic pain is a complicated, often debilitating medical problem that can have a major impact on both you and your family’s physical and mental well-being. We will work with you to lessen your back pain as much as possible using our innovative yet minimally invasive spinal treatments.Listen to what other patients are saying.

Serving at 3 locations in the Houston, TX Area

We have four state-of-the-art clinics conveniently located in north, south, southwest and west Houston to better serve you.

For Appointment Call 832-371-1728

Our Approach

Most of the procedures we perform at Inovospine are minimally invasive. These allow us to correct spinal and nerve conditions without the traditional open back surgery or fusions.

Using our procedures also allows us to avoid the large incisions and hardware that comes with these surgeries. The procedures are most often performed on an outpatient basis, recovery time is usually just a few days and usually there are no stitches involved.

What does this mean for you? Less scarring, less recovery pain and you can get back to your life in minimal time.

The type of minimally invasive procedure that is performed on a patient is determined after finding the root cause of the problem through a process we call diagnostic mapping.



Dr Pavan Grover On Debra Duncan

On Larry King


Success Story Featured On Debra Duncan’s Show

This moving story by KHOU’s Shern-Min Chow shows how a groundbreaking FDA Approved procedure performed by Dr. Pavan Grover helped Houston-area mom Gracie Patterson go from nearly bed-ridden to walking unassisted without pain medication in just a few days. The minimally invasive procedure is half the cost of traditional surgery and requires only days of recovery time rather than months.

Success Story Featured In CNN Larry King’s Show

Larry King Live, May 1994: appeared as an expert on pain management to discuss the under treatment of pain and its barriers, with a terminally ill cancer patient who Dr. Grover treated

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