Facet Joints Pain

Facet joints pain occurs with the onset of arthritis in that area or when the cartilage deteriorates in the facet joints. This type of pain can be very debilitating for a person because so many movements of the body depend on these joints.

Facet joints are located in the spine. They are the joints that connect the vertebrae to one another. The function of each facet joint is to provide stability, mobility and support to the spine.


With age and repeated movements cartilage can wear away leaving the facet joints to grind against each other. Once the cartilage is gone, nerves can also come in contact with one another and cause a person some discomfort. Bone spurs can also form, adding to the facet joint pain.


The most common symptom is pain felt in the neck or lower back area. A patient may also experience headaches, shoulder pain, difficulty rotating the head, pain in the hips and thighs and increasing pain when twisting or bending.